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DHO Medicinal Online Dispensary Toronto Canada – For Deep Healing Organics Mail Order Marijuana

We were established in 2014 with the intention of providing cannabis patients throughout all of Canada with the highest quality medication available.

Our staff or virtual budtenders as we like to call ourselves have an exceptional understanding of cannabis and the ways in which it affects the body. To help patients find what suits them best we offer a variety of strains from typical indicas and sativas, to the newest hybrids and rare landraces. This ensures members of the DHO medicinal family can get exactly what they’re looking for when they buy weed online from a mail order dispensary.

All of our Medicine is Grown Organically

Lab Tested Death Bubba AAAA Craft Cannabis

By cultivators all over Canada who utilize different growing styles and techniques. The craft cannabis we select is monitored 24/7 before and after harvest, to ensure patients are provided with the most potent and clean medicine possible. It’s grown by professionals with 25+ years of experience, our cannabis is among the finest in the country.

We carry many specialty strains from a variety of top-notch, professional collectives and gardeners including:

  • The Berlin flower Co.
  • Natures Fire
  • Bubba Kings
  • Space Bros
  • The Ontario Kush CO
  • B.C. Weed CO
  • And many others

We keep our Online Dispensary Menu well stocked!

We Strive to Keep our Patients Happy

By setting ourselves apart from the rest by offering lab tested products, dedicated customer service – and an https secure site – to ensure your sensitive info is protected.

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