Indica VS Sativa – Which is right for you?


Indica vs Sativa – Which is right for you?

It’s a good idea to get comfortable with cannabis strains and to try many out before choosing which cannabis type and strain is right for you. When comparing Indica vs Sativa strains, an understanding of the basic principles of terpenes, cannabinoids, and dosage methods will help you even more and you will have a better idea of what could suit you best for your particular needs.

If it’s only the high that you seek, then cannabis strains with a higher level of THC are preferable products. While if you need to work, study and relieve pain, then products with high CBD and lower THC levels are perfect for you.

The cannabis plant is not as simple as we think. But its intricacies and its range of effects make it an exceptional plant and product which can entertain all types of consumers.

The important things to remember for you as a consumer is to know about the strain’s potency, (CBD and THC levels), and chemical profile. And most importantly, you should be aware of your tolerance level to cannabis to help choose which strain is right for you.

Shopping by cannabis type (Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid) is an overall reliable way of getting the desired experience you are looking for, but you have to try multiple strains to find which is best for you, trail and error is a fun way to do this.

Indica VS Sativa Infographic

Indica VS Sativa Infographic

Created by The Chronic Beaver

DHO can help.

Perhaps it’s not as simple as you thought to find the perfect strain. Better-informed decisions when selecting strains for medicinal purposes and for recreational purposes is always smart and we can help.

Finally, I would also like to mention that choosing a strain is very much a personal experience. DHO can provide you the information about the strain and batch information you need before making a purchase decision, just ask!

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